Bamboo Toilet Paper: Why We Need to Switch

Updated: May 7

There are many reasons to switch from standard toilet paper to bamboo toilet paper. The transition is easy, affordable and convenient. Each benefit of switching to bamboo toilet paper is important and not only helpful to the individual but also beneficial to the environment. Bamboo toilet paper will seem just the same, if not better, as using normal toilet paper. The change will be seamless and crucial to making a world wide change during a climate crisis.

Saving Our Forests:

Worldwide, the equivalent of almost 270,000 trees is either flushed or dumped in landfills every day and roughly 10 percent of that total is attributable to just toilet paper. -World Watch magazine.

Worldwide we cut down 270,000 trees a day and it fuels an industry that tears down trees for a single use product. Maple and oak trees take about 30 years to mature, only to be cut down and used as toilet paper.

Bamboo on the other hand, is one of the worlds fastest growing plants, growing up to 90 feet in just one month. Bamboo also does not need to be replanted like regular trees, bamboo is technically a grass and not a tree, so it can be cut to a stump and grow again from that stump.

The production of standard paper products including hand towels and toilet rolls in particular have a far-reaching environmental impact.

1. Trees need to be grown and they don’t grow fast enough to supply the demand, so to increase the speed of this process, fertilizers and chemicals need to be used. It can take trees up to 100 years to grow and 90% of paper products come from natural, ancient forests.

2. Less than 20% of commercial forests produce all the wood we use for paper products. Whole ecosystems are killed when commercial forests are clear-cut in record time. We need more trees to absorb carbon and we need them to mature and become habitats. Too many natural forests are being cut down to meet demand and this is only getting worse with a growing population.

Combating Climate Change:

Switching to bamboo toilet paper will also help the environment and reverse pollution. Bamboo is a unique plant that can actually help to combat climate change and dangerous greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere. Bamboo plants can filter out three times as much carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than regular trees. They produce 35% more oxygen than regular trees. Experts say if we plant more bamboo for products like building materials, clothing and household products, we may see a reverse in climate damage.

Your Body Will Thank You:

Switching to bamboo toilet paper from normal toilet paper is actually beneficial to your health too. Bamboo is "antimicrobial", which is a special property unique to bamboo that destroys harmful microorganisms. The fibers in bamboo are naturally antibacterial, anti-fungal and odor resistant, making them perfect to use against your skin, especially for sensitive areas or children. Having anti anti-microbial products in the household can stop the spread of fungus, bacteria and smelly odors. This can help the house be cleaner and fresher.

Most tree-made toilet papers contain harsh toxins that come into direct contact with

your skin and sensitive areas. These toxins can range from bleach to chlorine and even formaldehyde.

Chlorine is a chemical that causes "irritant dermatitis" (like a chemical burn) that makes the skin become irritated and itchy. Bleach can also cause skin irritation and is a harsh chemical you don’t want on your body (especially on those sensitive areas).

Formaldehyde, a gas used in glues, construction materials, and embalming, is a known carcinogen.

Making The Switch

Anyone thinking about switching to a more Eco-friendly lifestyle should consider swapping out their tree-made (or recycled) toilet paper for bamboo toilet paper. Overall, bamboo toilet paper is soft and strong yet breaks down better than traditional toilet paper and will help save our forests. The Bamboo Project a nonprofit organization offers 24 rolls of sustainable, bamboo toilet paper for only $29.95 - FREE delivery! (Within Vernon BC)

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